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Our Animal Rescue Mission is To Save as Many as Pawssible!

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Animal Essay Contest!

Your Words Can Save lives! Enter Today!

One of the problems in animal rescue is touching human hearts and minds, convincing people to help, to care.  In Spokane we have had people blow up their dogs, multiple serial cat killers, dogs shot in their own yards, poison and glass shards in food left as bait.  

Animal Nature Sanctuary is a small group, dedicated but limited.

You can save animals by writing essays that we can share with the world, abusers, officials, and other rescues.  To make it fun ANS is hosting a contest.  Several stays in Cancun were donated and we have been trying to use them to the fullest.  One of those trips can be yours if you enter.  

$1 donated through PayPal and sharing your thoughts can save countless lives.  Chose one of the following topics to write:  Open Letter To Abusers, How to Save Animals, How Devaluing Animals Effects Humans, or Open Letter to Officials. Write 200 - 300 words on one of these topics and submit to ANS before December 15th.  Winners will be announced December 25th.


Rules & FAQs

Contestants must be 18 years or older and a resident of the USA to participate.

All proceeds support Animal Nature Sanctuary to fund animal rescue efforts. Contact an accountant for tax deduction information.

All tax or other requirements are the sole responsibility of prizewinner.

You may enter as many times as you like with separate entry fees for each submission.

Entries should be 200 – 300 words in Times New Roman, single-spaced and sent to with your topic in the subject line. Please include your name, mailing address, age, phone number and email along with the PayPal transaction number of your paid entry fee so we can verify your eligibility and contact you and send your prize if awarded. 

By entering you agree that an Animal Nature Sanctuary representative can contact you to inform you of any prizes you have won and use your entries on media platforms.

Only one prize awarded to each winner.

Animal Nature Sanctuary staff, volunteers, and family are barred from entry or receiving prizes. 

Q: What are the prizes and are they guaranteed?
A: The prizes are 5-day, 4-night stays in Cancun Mexico for 2 adults and 2 children valued at $899 each.  One will be awarded in each category  These prizes are guaranteed! Every prize is in a safe, stored until awarded. If you would like independent verification, please email Animal Nature Sanctuary with a local option that you trust. Once they sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect any personal information that may be exposed, they can inspect and verify the prizes but are then barred from contest entry or prize awards.

Q: When and how will winners be chosen?
A: Winners will be awarded after judging. Judging takes place immediately after the contest closes on December 15, 2019. Depending on the number of entries, prizes should be awarded on December 25, 2019. Points are given for: Clarity, Quality, Relevancy, Supporting Information, Originality, Style, Creativity, Value, Impact, and Hook.  The top scoring submissions will receive 1 prize each.

Q: How will I know if I have won the prize?
A: Winners will be notified by phoned and email immediately after the judging.  Name of winner will also be listed on our Facebook page,, and website after the drawing.

Q: How are the proceeds used?
A: The proceeds will be used to fund animal rescue efforts – Food, supplies, etc. at Animal Nature Sanctuary. 

Q: What about my privacy?
A: Animal Nature Sanctuary doesn’t sell lists or contact you without consent. Your privacy is protected!

Q: What about social networks?
A: If you are a winner, your name will be on our social media to notify you and provide a winners list.

Q: Whom can I contact with my questions?
A: Please contact Animal Nature Sanctuary at
info@animalnaturersq.orgor 509-862-3261.

Pawsitive Purrpose!



To Save as Many as Possible by focusing on Education, Advocacy, Direct Action, and Support to individuals, communities, and other organizations in Spokane County.  Animal Nature Sanctuary is an animal rescue that is made to be flexible and adapt to our community’s needs. The influence of the combined labors of Animal Nature Sanctuary will be enjoyed by this and future generations! 



Our Animal Rescue Goals will Provide -
A safe place for every animal

  • Health & Behavior Issues of every animal resolved so they are easy to place in furever homes
  • Families never forced to re-home to questionable people due to poverty or temporary circumstances
  • Abusers in prison (cages) & animals in homes (free)
  • All species protected & cared for
  • The needs of Spokane's animal citizens addressed &/or solved
  • All pressure taken off other shelters for best adoptions & animal care


Our Goals to Fill the Gaps in Rescue Services!

1,000+ acre sanctuary

  • Largest rescue facility in Washington State
  • Largest cage free rescue in Washington State
  • Animal rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption services
  • Only real all species rescue - No Speciesism! 
  • No kill pet rescue services
  • Wildlife rehabilitation center
  • “Don’t let it loose” government program for exotic animal rescue

Animal Education Center and Information Hub

  • 24/7 veterinary clinic
  • Animal reference library
  • Classes, seminars, workshops
  • Grief/loss support
  • Scholarships, internships, sponsorships  
  • Pawsitive Purrvention Internet Broadcasting
  • Hero Alliance – no kill alternative to 4H
  • Cahoots Club for adults


  • Deployment fostering and PTSD training
  • Homeless, Domestic Violence, Disadvantaged Youth, Elderly and Disabled aid
  • Pet Hospice
  • Pet food and supply bank
  • Possible incarceration programs 


  • Pawsitive FurWheelers pet mobility device build-off
  • Critter Con: Life Unleashed Comic Con spoof event

Be a Pawsitive Purrvider!

Your contributions will enable us to help Spokane County animals. 

Your generous donation funds our mission.

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