To Save as Many Animals as Possible!

Animal Nature Sanctuary

Events & Fundraising - Rescue & Retrivals  

Primary & Secondary Board - Committees


There are so many ways to help - Purrticipate in animal rescue efforts.


What Animal Nature Sanctuary needs from its staff are qualities like - honesty, reliability, caring.


You would be working in a crew, practically or maybe a family.


Not to be too nerdy but if you could be part of a Leverage team, Star Trek Next Gen Bridge Crew, or Hunt with the Winchesters then we want you!  More than that!!  


We need you & so do the animal still out there on the streets or in abuse situations!!!


Contact us right away if you have what it takes to make a real difference, can lend a reliable hand, or have ideas that can help the critters in need! 

Pawsitive Purrticipating!